School Fees

Fee Overview

Catholic schools are typically seen as great value for money, providing high-quality education supported by quality facilities and learning environments. It is the policy of the Catholic Schools Office that financial hardship should not prevent any child from attending a Catholic school and no child will be denied a Catholic education because of a family’s genuine inability to pay the required school fees. Any family experiencing financial difficulties is entitled to fee assistance; your local school principal will be able to discuss this with you.

Together with parents, clergy and school staff, Our Lady of Victories is committed to offering students in the Shortland region access to schools in which their faith can be nurtured in outstanding learning environments. We seek to assist young people to realise their full potential, taking into account their unique spiritual, intellectual, physical and social needs.

The greater part of diocesan schools’ funding comes from state and commonwealth government grants, but the commitment and continuing financial contribution of parents and parish communities is still essential to fill the gap between the funds provided by government and the actual cost of running our schools. School fees comprise three components — diocesan tuition fees, individual school resource and service fees, and Diocesan Family School Building Levy (DFSBL).

School fees are an integral part of our Catholic school system and parents are required to sign a fee agreement commitment form on enrolment. Fee arrangements may be considered in extenuating circumstances and in consultation with the principal. The annual fees are divided equally across three terms.


The 2024 full rate Diocesan Tuition Fees are as follows:

  • Kinder to Year 6 - $1,487 per year

In 2024, the family discount on Diocesan Tuition Fees, full rate, will be:

  • 1 child family — 0% — full rate to be applied
  • 2 child family — 15% — each child
  • 3 child family — 25% — each child
  • 4+ child family — 50% — each child

Fees are levied annually.


The resource fee is billed per child, it covers a range of costs including the supply of goods and services, such as textbooks, exercise books, technology or resources needed for particular KLAs. Some incursion/excursion activities are also included. School camp and Intensive Swimming program will be billed separately.


The DFSBL is $1,638 per year and is charged to the oldest child for each family. The levy is pooled to contribute towards past, present and future costs for building projects across all existing and new Catholic schools, and the acquisition of land for school purposes.

The DFSBL rate is determined by the diocesan offices.

If you have an older child at a Catholic primary or high school in the Diocese, he or she will be billed by their school.

The levies collected are used for building projects in all schools within the Diocese according to maintenance needs and building priorities developed by the DFSBL committee.


Other Fees


In 2024, a voluntary contribution of $300 per family ($100 per term) is being sought as a diocesan pastoral contribution.

This is a voluntary contribution to support the work of parishes and other pastoral ministries of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. The suggested Pastoral Contribution remains at the same level as 2020 and continues to be $300 per family ($100 per term for three terms).

The Diocese provides a range of services to the community through its agencies including Catholic Schools Office, CatholicCare Social Services, St Nicholas Early Education and OOSH, and the Pathways training program in Early Education. These services are partly funded by government.

The Diocesan Pastoral Contribution supports the unfunded services provided by the agencies just mentioned and also our on-going pastoral works and initiatives across our region, mainly in relation to youth programs and leadership development, social justice involvements, the Aboriginal, refugee and seafarers ministries, and our chaplaincies in hospitals, prisons, the Port of Newcastle and the University.

We invite and encourage your support of these works by your contribution to the Diocesan Pastoral Fund that can conveniently be made in conjunction with your school fees.


A non-refundable enrolment fee is to be paid when applying for enrolment at Our Lady of Victories. The enrolment fee covers all administrative work involved in processing the application. The enrolment fee will be deducted from the term 1 tuition fees the following year.


To assist families with limited financial resources, Our Lady of Victories offers a lower tuition fee to means-tested low-income families such as Health Care and Pension Card holders. This rate is 50% of the diocesan tuition fee full rate for each child. This discount applies only to the diocesan tuition fee, not to the DFSBL or other resource and service fees charged by each individual school.


A genuine inability to meet school account charges does not exclude access to any school within the Diocese for a child of a family genuinely committed to Catholic faith and practice. Parents concerned about school fees should ensure they make contact with the school. Diocesan provisions exist to help in this area and the principal can also exercise discretion where genuine need exists.

Payment of Fees

Accounts are sent home at the beginning of term 1.

Payments can be made via cash, cheque, BPAY, money order, credit card (over the phone), and EFTPOS. Direct debit from your bank, credit union or building society account is also available. Please contact Mrs Fry, our senior school support officer, for this method of payment. 

A range of alternative payment plans are available. These include dividing the fees over 10 equal payments from February to November. Please contact our senior school support officer for further details.

Please be aware that if your direct debit is dishonoured more than three times the school will cancel the deduction. For any dishonoured direct debit, the school is charged a fee of $2.50 by your financial institution. This fee will be passed on to the fee payer and will appear on the next statement. No receipts are issued — please check bank account for proof of payment.