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Term 4 Week 9

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Term 4 Week 9



    We are certainly in the home stretch of 2022 and its has been a very rewarding year for all. We look forward to spending the last week reminiscing, reviewing and reliving the year. If you are able try to make it to some of the activities next week, Please come along.



    The highlight of next week will be the Year 6 Graduation. We will be celebrating with Mass at 9:15 in the church on Wednesday 14 December. The whole school will be participating in sending the Year 6'ers off in style. All are invited to come along. Year 6 will be enjoying a luncheon with their parents and staff afterwards.


    The Year 6 "Thank You Liturgy" will be held on Friday at 11:20am followed by the final awards assembly and Swimming presentations. Again come along if you can make it. The traditional "Clap Out" for Year 6 will take place at 2:30pm at the Sandgate Rd gate.



    I would like to give parents some information about staffing for 2023 and who will be teaching which classes in 2023.

    Kinder will have Mrs Dunn at the helm to start our new Kinders on their school journey.

    Year 1 will  see Mrs Bradley taking leave for Term 1 next year and Year 1 will be taught by Miss O'Bree in her absence.

    Year 2 will have Miss Payton finishing the infants experience.

    Year 3 & 4 are still to be confirmed. Both Miss Morris and Mrs Carroll will be continuing their leave for Term 1 at this stage and we are in the process of finding suitable replacements for them.

    Year 5 will be lead by a newcomer to OLV - Miss Slattery, tough some may remember her when she filled in for Mrs Bradley a few years ago.

    Year 6 will have their final year with Mrs McGann who will give them a great preparation for high school and finish their Primary schooling on a high.

    We will be saying farewell to Mrs York who is taking up a position at St Benedict's, Edgeworth. We wish her well in her move and thank her for the wonderful job she did with her Year 5/6 class. Whilst she is still recovering from an illness, she will be attending the Year 6 Graduation next week to farewell her students. 

    Miss Gallagher will be taking on Executive Release roles for 2023. We are planning for the children to meet with their future teachers during next week.


    send_off.jpegThe diocesan schools gave the Director of Schools a wonderful send off at the Cathedral last Tuesday. The Mass was a great celebration of Mr Mowbray's contribution to Catholic Education in  the Maitland/Newcastle Diocese.

    A special thanks to Harry F who represented OLV with me at the celebration and participated in the procession of banners at the beginning of Mass. All the children  signed a special card which was attached to a tree and presented to Mr Mowbray during the celebration.



    The children and staff are looking forward to the concert tonight. It will be a fun way to finish the year. The activities commence at 4:30 with the jumping castle and face painting, a sausage siizzle dinner will be available form 5pm and the concert willl begin at 6:30. The jolly fellow in the red suit has scheduled a visit at 7:30pm. We look forward to seeing you this evening.

    The Chistmas Hamper Raffle will also be drawn just prior to the start of the concert. Wear something festive.



    Your child's semester 2 reports will be relased this afternoon from 4:00pm. These will be available on COMPASS. Parents are welcome to contact your child's teacher if there is anyting you would like to discuss.

    Year 6 Retreat


    Monday 12th December Year 6 will participate in a Year 6 Retreat where they will reflect on their primary school years, their faith development and looking forward to the future. This will be held at school. More information will be emailed to students/parents involved.



    Week 10 Liturgies


    This week we will have two liturgies. On Monday 12th December Year 1 will lead us in a Peace Liturgy at 9am. On Friday 16th December Year 6 will lead us in a Thank You liturgy at 11:20am. Everyone is welcome to join us at both liturgies.


    End of Year Mass

    Wednesday 14th December at 9:15am we will have our End of year mass where we will also include the Year 6 Graduation. This will be held in the Church at 9:15am. Everyone is welcome to join us in farewelling our Year 6 students and celebrating the wonderful achievements we have had this year.  



    2022 SCHOOL FEES

    • We would like to thank all families that have their fees paid up to date as at the 30th November, 2022.
    • For Families who are on a plan until the start of the school year 2023 please continue to pay your weekly amount over the break.
    • Our preferred method of payment is either BPay or direct debit. Please avoid using COMPASS Pay.
    • For Fee Payers wishing to establish a new Direct Debit, or adjust their existing direct debit, please complete the form on the Catholic Development Fund web-site www.CDFmn.com.au and return to Leanne in the Office.
    • For those families experiencing financial hardship, or wishing to discuss other payment arrangements, please contact the school office to arrange an appointment with the Principal.
    • If you would like a weekly, Fortnighly or Monthly breakdown please contact Leanne in the office, some parents received this already.
    • Schools will commence the school fee management process after the 31 March 2022, if there has been no contact with the school office or no initial payment received.

    I would like to wish all families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.  I look forward to 2023.



    I would like to share with you all the wonder progress I have seen with our Kindergarten's writing samples over the year. I have taken photos of writing at the beginning of the year and a sample of writing at the end of the year. As you can see this is an amazing improvement. I am so proud of all the children in Kindergarten and the progress they have made this year. I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas. I would like to thank all the parents in helping the students throughout the year and the support they have given me.

    Year 1

    Year 2

    What a year it has been! As I look back on this year, I can see exponential growth in the children, not only in their academics but most importantly in their social capabilities - the way they respect each other and their environment, the way they take on responsibility and look after each other, the way in which they are learning to solve their own problems, the way they exude a vibrant and positive love of learning and celebrate each other's achievements. We have worked so hard this year and I am incredibly proud of all the wonderful things that we have achieved together. 

    I want to thank the parents of Year 2 for their support this year. I hope that you too, share the pride I have in your children's achievements this year. Each one of the students have so many successes to celebrate! 

    Have a wonderful, safe and restful holiday. I wish the children every success as they continue their learning journey through the primary years. 


    Stage 2 - Year 3 & 4

    It has been wonderful teaching Stage 2 this year. We have very much enjoyed seeing all the students learn, grow and flourish throughout the year. We have seen exceptional improvements in their academics as well as their organisational skills, respect for others and willingness to take on responsibility. 

    I would like to thank all the parents of Stage 2 for their support throughout the year. You should be extremely proud of what your children have achieved. 

    We wish you all the best over the break and looking forward to seeing all the children back next year.

    Stage 3 - Year 5 & 6


    Zephyr K - for improvement in his sounding out when writing.​

    Isabelle M - for excellent letter formation in line books.​

    Arlo C - for being a very good friend to Harry. ​

    Afia A - for improving her math skills. 

    Year 1

    ​Cherry N - for a description of what her family does at Christmas​

    ​Josie B - for completing classroom jobs responsibly​

    Matilda B - for expressive, fluent reading​

    Lucy C - top results in Multiplication and Division Assessment

    Year 2

    Brian K - thoughtfully sharing his insightful knowledge with the class. ​

    Anabel L - using her background knowledge to explore new concepts. ​

    Vinny D - amazing sounding out of new words in spelling. ​

    Audrey S - great improvement in swimming skills. 

    STAGE 2

     ​Jesse C – Making more mature and responsible choices in the classroom.​

    Luka S – Using more efficient strategies to solve addition equations. ​

    Tobias I – Sharing his exceptional knowledge in our science unit – living things. ​

    Blake B – Using greater depth when responding to learning activities.​

    Grace G – Writing an interesting and well-structured informative text about horses.​

    Laura N – Persevering and making great progress this term in swimming. 

    STAGE 3

    Indigo H - for a great improvement in your writing of an Information Report. ​

    Miles A - for an incredibly detailed Information Report.​

    Lily W - for always including others and being a great role model in the class. ​

    ​Cooper C - always settling quickly, beginning straight away and remaining focused to ensure your tasks are completed. 


    Allison A – for excellent storytelling and expression during EALD lessons.

    Tomi O – for excellent storytelling and expression during EALD lessons.

    Afia S – for excellent listening and participation during maths lesson

    Captains Awards

    Shammah N - for having great enthusiasm during dance lessons.​

    Miko A - for always being kindhearted and friendly to everyone.

    Lexia Awards

    Jesuloba A,​ Zephyr K, Maksim S, Josie B

    Mini Lit Level 1

    Kaidence G, Fetui T, Malachi K, Ruby B




    We had a great day yesterday at the first carnival we have been able to have for a few years. The children competed with spirit and good humour. It was great to see so many having a go. One of the children, whilst not making it to the finish, he said to me he was really happy because he got further than last year. What an awesome attitude.

    We will be presenting ribbons and trophies after the Liturgy on Friday next week which starts at 11:20am. All are welcome to congratulate all the children on their efforts yesterday.

    We would like to wish the following children a Happy Birthday.

    Year 1 Cherokee N
    Year 2 Natalia W, Van K
    Year 3 Daniel Z
    Year 4 Maxwell W
    Year 5/6 Marley B, Summer F

    Congratulations and we hope you had a happy day



    The P&F would like to thank our school community for their support this year. Thanks to your fundraising contributions we have recently donated significant funds to go towards new library shelving, decodable readers and sporting equipment.

    Thankyou also to the many local businesses who have kindly donated goods and vouchers for raffles and fundraising events this year:

    Bunnings Wallsend                                          Not Just Apples and Oranges

    Kmart                                                             Revolution Sports Park

    Nas Obray Tupperware                                     Shorty Hotel

    Ozzie Meats Shortland                                      My Community Pharmacy Shortland


    Wishing you a wonderful festive season

    OLV P&F


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