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Term 2 Week 3

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Term 2 Week 3


We write to parents again so as to get our communication channel back in sync. Newsletters are normally sent out on the odd weeks so there is the second in a row. COVID sent us a little skewiff but look out for the newsletter every odd week of term.


We have had some feedback regarding our Valet pick up in the afternoons. So this is timeley to remind parents about the need to think of everyone around you. Some things to remember:

  • be mindful of the pedestrians in the area especially children who might not be with their parents/carers
  • be mindful not to stop across residents' driveways
  • do not double park and leave your car to pick up your children at the top gate and walk back to your car.
  • be mindful of any congestion around the church car park
  • do not pull out of the line until the car in front of you moves away.

So, please be mindful of others during this time.


We officially move into our winter uniform from next week. Please do not mix and match.

All children should be wearing a tie and girls should have a belt for their tunics. The school jumper is a knitted navy woollen one and/or the school jacket with the school crest. Girls should have white socks or blue tights. Girls may wear long navy trousers as an alternative to the tunic. 



Students in Years 3 and 5 will sit the exams between Tuesday 10th May – Friday 20th May.


All NAPLAN tests will be online, except Year 3 Writing. Students will be required to use headphones to listen and answer questions. Please ensure your child has a set of earbuds or ‘over the head’ headphones to keep at school during this period. No Bluetooth or wireless headphones. Please label and send to school by Friday 6 May.

What can I do to support my child?

All students have been preparing at school and are familiar with the types of questions and what to expect. Students are not expected to study for NAPLAN.

Excessive preparation or even discussions about NAPLAN could create unnecessary anxiety. You can support your child by reassuring them that NAPLAN is only one part of their school program.


We will endeavour to conduct the tests on the dates listed below. We have also scheduled dates which will be used to catch up students who miss at test.

Friday 13 May 

Catch up

Monday 16 May

Language Conventions Year 3 

Language Conventions Year 5 

Wednesday 18 May

Numeracy Year 3

Numeracy Year 5

 Thursday 17 May 

Catch Up

Friday 18 May 

Catch up

Please see Mrs York or your child’s teacher if you have any questions regarding NAPLAN.

Tuesday 3 May 2022

Camp Reminder Note


We wish all  the children who wil be confirmed on May 26 a hearty congratulations. We wish them well as they continue their journey to a full participation of the Catholic faith family.




  • Letters have gone home this week please see the following:
  • If paying fees by instalment, please ensure your payment commences before the 31 March 2022 and is paid in full by 30 November 2022. 
  • If paying fees in full in one payment please finalise prior to 30 June 2022.
  • Our preferred method of payment is either BPay or direct debit. Please avoid using COMPASS Pay.
  • For Fee Payers wishing to establish a new Direct Debit, or adjust their existing direct debit, please complete the form on the Catholic Development Fund web-site www.CDFmn.com.au and return to Leanne in the Office.
  • For those families experiencing financial hardship, or wishing to discuss other payment arrangements, please contact the school office to arrange an appointment with the Principal.
  • If you would like a weekly, Fortnighly or Monthly breakdown please contact Leanne in the office, some parents received this already.
  • Schools will commence the school fee management process after the 31 March 2022, if there has been no contact with the school office or no initial payment received.



In order to Volunteer at OLV you are required to complete the Volunteer Induction and be cleared by the Catholic Schools Office to Volunteer.
Please follow this link https://www.mn.catholic.org.au/people/volunteer/ and complete the steps.



If your child will be seeing a provider (eg; speech or OT ) this year at school,
please complete the attached application form and return to school. If you require further information, please don't hesitate to contact the office.


Taylor P: counting to 20.

Elena T: working well at learning to read numeral words. 

Matilda B: great effort in recognising letters and their sounds. 

Paola G: happily contributing to class discussions. 

Year 1

Jemima K - For Creative Writing using correct punctuation and excellent attempts at spelling. 

Allison A - For continuing Number Patterns that decrease, using two digit Numbers

Thomas O - For applying Problem Solving strategies in maths

Cherry N - For progress in learning the Mioow Magic 

Year 2

 Paige W - her kind and friendly manners towards her peers. 

Alierah M - showing respect and great listening during Mass. 

Sophia T -  always taking pride in her bookwork. 

Thea W -  always tring her best and having a positive attitude.

Year 3 & Year 4

Indiana P - For using her mathematical problem solving skills to solve mathematical problems.

Luka S – For your confidence, outstanding effort and dedication that you apply to all learning tasks. 

Shammah N – For improving in mathematics. It is wonderful to see your effort and dedication. 

Gabby K – For her dedication in Maths lessons. Well done for always trying your best.

Year 5/6

Mark M - For trying your hardest in all areas of the curriculum and completing tasks to the best of your ability. 

Meti S - For being incredibly helpful with the set up and running of the Mother’s Day activities. 

Freya B - For always trying your best and setting a great example for others in the class.  

Anuncia G - For applying yourself to all areas of your learning especially in maths.


Fetui T -  for excellent sounding out and finger spelling.

Audrey S - for excellent ideas during vocabulary lesson.

Shammah N - for excellent application of spelling rules taught.

Lexia Awards

Ruby B, Jesulaoba A, Tomi O


We would like to wish the following children a Happy Birthday.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5/6

Congratulations and we hope you had a happy day





The Association conducted its Annual General Meeting last Monday and an election of new Office Bearers.

It is important to thank the outgoing executive - Kylie Gallagher (President) for her strong leadership and advocasy for the families of our community, Kylie Westaway (VP) for her support of the associations aims, Jackie Barret (Secretary) for keeping such good notes and presenting minutes and agendas for meetings, Nas Obray for accurately keeping our association's expenditure and incoming funds and Hayley Goodchild for providing the children with great opportunities to have the canteen operational. It has been an exceptionally difficult year for the association to have any consistent input due to the lockdowns and restrictions of the last year. But they were able to lead the Association and provide great support to the learning needs of all the children in our school. Congratulations and thank you.

We welcome a new executive into the role for the coming year. We were not able to replace Kylie Gallagher with a President so the position is vacant at the moment. Jackie Barrett and Nas Obray have picked up their roles again and look forward to supporting someone who would like to take on the role of President. if you would like to put your hand up for this role, please let us know.

There was much discussion around the Canteen and how best that is managed. There is a shortage of volunteers to make a regular roster. Hayley Goodchild with the help of Kristy Fitz Gibbon will be looking at ways to make this great service a viable option for families.


We are coduction a suasage sizzle and cake stall for during election day next week and the Association is looking for helpers to assist with these. Please send back the volunteer request forms by Monday so we can make arrangements.These were bright orange in colour.


How to enrol for our OOSH Services:

You will be able to access the school newsletter here, special dates notifications and other messages from time to time.

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