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Term 2 Week 7

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Term 2 Week 7


Good News for families who live in the Maryland/Fletcher area with new school bus routes servicing the area announced this week. Changes to routes starting on Tuesday 15 June means that some families will now be able to catch the bus to school in the mornings from estates further along Minmi Rd than at present. A new bus (Route 261 at 8:21am in Waterside Dr) will link with the 6248 at 8:23am at the Community Centre on Kuraka Dr. 

Parents can check this link to look at the route maps and timetables:


Hopefully this will benefit more families from this area.


We will be starting the enrolment process with interviews and offer positions for Kinder 2022. Parents who are enrolling for next year should contact Leanne in the office to arrange an interview appointment over the next two weeks.


Those families seeking High School enrolment at San Clemente next year and have not sent in enrolment forms should do so as soon as possible to ensure they receive an offer placement.


It is encouraging to see parents being mindful of the traffic along Lovell Pde during drop off and pick up times. Some hints to keep in mind:

  • No U-turn on Lovell Pde
  • Move to the end of the stopping area to drop off - you CAN stop and drop off in the No Parking spot
  • Don't have conversations on the road
  • Drive slowly
  • Know where your children are
  • Be mindful of time limits in the morning in the drop off zone
  • Park in the church car park if you are coming into school -- no matter how short your visit
  • Don't use the Disabled Zone if you are not displaying the required permit
  • Stop or park on the correct side of the road

All these hints will keep your children safer during these times and also avaoid any fines if there is a surpise visit from the council parking rangers or police.


I am sure everyone is looking forward to the Disco tomorrow night. It is a MASKerade theme and I am looking forward to seeing all the weird and funny masks bopping around the dance floor from 6:30pm.

Just a reminder that children are in the care of their parents (or arrranged minders) for the evening which finishes at 8:30pm. Don't forget to get you dinner orders in by tomorrow morning.


On Tuesday 15 June, Years 3 & 4 will be participating in a Tree Planting activity with the Wallsend/Shortland Landcare and Newcastle City Council.  The children will be part of an exercise to get 2500 trees, shrubs and grasses into the ground along Crawchie Creek just on the other side of Derna St. They will walk to the planting site to be briefed at 9:30am and will finish their shift at 10:30 to return to school.

As the site could be a little damp, the children may bring gum boots or a change of shoes to work in.

It should be a great practical example of the studies Yrs 3 & 4 are doing in their HSIE unit.


The children are currently experiencing end of Semester assessments which will be used in conjunction with the on-going assessments to formulate a report for parents on the progress of their children. These reports will be available from the end of week 9. Parents will be able to access the reports through the COMPASS App and online. Please check that you access is working properly. Contact the office if you are experiencing difficulties.


There will be some changes with Parent/Teacher Interviews this year. We will not be having a pupil free day to hold these. Teachers will be offering times to parents who are asked to make appointments during the last week of the term. Some may be during school hours and some after. Please look out on your child's class COMPASS news for details as the time approaches.


On Friday of Week 9 & Monday of Week 10 we will be visited by the LIFE EDUCATION van. The children will participate in the program of Personal Development and Health. Please look out for the Event Permission and payment on COMPASS next week. The cost will be $12.00 per child.


The school launches it St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal on Thursday 24 June. Staff and students from years 3 to 6 are invited to a sleep over in the school hall. Mrs Dunn and the Mini Vinnies are organising a hot drink for supper and breakfast the next morning. The “wintery cold” hall will give the children a feeling of how the homeless and poor people experience a cold winter’s night. The rest of the school will be coming to school in their Pyjamas the next day for a donation and a BBQ lunch will be available. All proceeds will go to the local St Vincent de Paul chapter.


One of the limits withing the new Finance system is its aversion to cash and how that is managed. As it is closely linked to COMPASS, one of its great assets is how parents can pay for different things via the Events and Apps. One of our aims in the office is to get parents use to the idea of paying accounts, excursions, etc via the COMPASS and the APPs. We have been looking at a payment APP called QKR which many of our parents might already have had experience with their high school children, to make payments even easier.

There will be occasions of course where cash is the only option such as fundraisers, canteen, BBQ's etc. These will mainly be in the P&F domain and will be accepted, though cashless will be encouraged by the office where practical.


The other advantage to having COMPASS and TechOne as our service platforms is their close link to each other. We are now able to link payments and permissions in one space and we aim to encourage this. The first trial was with our Athletics Carnival (though no payment is required). The permission note and information went home to parents via COMPASS and most families responded quickly and without fuss. There were a couple of glitches but resetting passwords seemed to overcome these.

The other advantage is that permission notes won't get lost in the movement to and from school, or if a child is absent when they are given out etc. They will always be there in COMPASS under EVENTS. Just click on the EVENT for your child, read, APPROVE and PAY all at the touch of the screen. The next PAPERLESS contact will be nominating for events at the Athletics Carnival (See SPORTS NEWS for details)


I am pleased to let parents (especially of Year 1) know that Mrs Hingston will be returning to duties from the beginning of Week 9 after her Maternity Leave. She is very excited about returning to her class and is looking forward to meeting her class and joining our community again.


It was good to see the worst team ever win the SOO series last year. Can't wait to see the blues sent home with their tails between their legs next week from Townsville. Good luck to the mghty Maroons next Wednesday. If anyone is game to wear their colours next Wednesday, feel free.


We have two young hens running around our chook pen without a name. We are going to have to give them a name. So-- if you can think of some fun names for our two new chickens, send them into the NAMING COMP with a 20c donation to Vinnies. At the end of next week we will draw two name out at random. You can make as many suggestions as you like for 20cents each.


MN Youth has reinvented the concept of a weekly youth group (initially for children 5-12 years) and have even planned the weekly sessions!

There are two upcoming information sessions for anyone interested to listen to the proposal and share their thoughts and ideas.

Please click on the link below for the flyer regarding two upcoming MN Youth information sessions.




Last week we went to the Sacred heart Cathedral to celebrate 200years of Catholic Eucation in Australia. Many great hymns were sung and some teachers recieved awards for the hard work they put into Catholic Education. After the liturgy we enjoyed a yummy lunch. This was a reat experience and we hope to be able to do it again one day. --  Georgina & Annalise


St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal.

Just a reminder to look through your cupboards for warm blankets and clothes that you may not need anymore and send them into school.


St Vincent De Paul Raffle

Last Friday our raffle was drawn. There were number of winners. I would like to thank Paul Dunn, Maddison H and Georgina H for donating all our prizes. As a school we made $63.65 which will be donated to St Vincent De Paul.


OLV Sleepout

All permission slips and $10 for our sleepout will need to be returned this Friday so I can start planning for the night.


Out of Uniform

Next Friday, 11th June,  everyone can wear their crazy clothes to school. We ask that the children bring in a gold coin donation which will go towards St Vincent De Paul.


Change to Volunteering at School


The procedure for volunteering at schools in the Diocese is changing. All volunteers are required to have a National Police Check (NPC) registered and full clearance to be approved by the Catholic Schools Office.

In the latest Volunteer Induction Handbook (version 1.6), there is a Statutory Screening Selection Tool for Volunteers in Schools.

Each volunteer is required to complete this form which will determine if a Working with Children’s Check is required (now only required for overnight camps if you are a close relative).

The instructions regarding identification and obtaining the NPC have also changed and this is also included in the handbook. The handbook is available from Admin office.

If you need to complete this booklet you would have had a phonecall this week from the office.  If you are unsure please contact Leanne and she can let you know. Any volunteer that has already completed the NPC last year will not need to complete the process again, however everyone else will need to resubmit their handbook and receive clearance.

Kindergarten Enrolments 2022

Our Kindergarten enrolments close at the end of May.  If you are a sibling of the school or know anyone that has a child starting Kindergarten next year please contact the office for an enrolment pack.  Our Interview process will start in June 2021.



Kinder have viewed short clips on ducks and discussed information gathered from this source. Mrs Bradley modelled how to write a duck fact - a sentence that conveys information about ducks. The class assisted with suggestions on how to spell the words and copied the sentence into their books. They drew a picture to illustrate the information. 

Kinder then attempted to write their own duck facts without any assistance. They have used lots of invented spelling, can read their own writing and have applied letter sound relationships to their spelling. Great job Kinder!  

Year 1

In year 1 writing this fortnight, we have been learning about literary devices we can use in our narratives to make them more interesting. We looked at onomatopoeia and similes. We learnt that similes use the words 'like' or 'as' to compare two nouns and give the reader a clearer description. We learnt that onomatopoeia is a word that we can use to tell the reader of a sound, because when we read and write, we can't actually hear sounds from the story. Here are some examples that students wrote independently at the end of last week. Miss Payton is very proud of us and can't wait to see how we use similes and onomatopoeia in our narratives!

Year 2

Year 2 have had some fun writing some interesting Sizzling Starts. There are 6 different ways of starting a Sizzling Start: start with the action, use dialogue, make the reader curious, ask a question, use humour, add onomatopoeia. I hope you enjoy reading the following Sizzling Starts.

Year 3

This week, the children in Yr 3 wrote narratives that  included the line:

Suddenly, in a puff of smoke, a dragon appeared…. 

Here is some of the children’s work.

Year 4

In Year 4 we recently had a Narrative Assessment.

We looked at a stimulus picture and talked about it briefly. We had 5 minutes to plan, then 30 minutes to write our story. We had to remember the features of a Narrative, including the Orientation, the Complication, the Series of Events and the Resolution.

We finally had 5 minutes to edit our work.

Everyone was very enthusiastic about their writing and made a great effort.

Here are a few examples.

 Year 5/6

This week in Year 5 and 6, we used our fabulous Great Aussie Bush Camp experience to write recounts of one of the activities. We used the success criteria we co-constructed last term and drafted and edited our recounts to the amazing work you will read here. Many of you have seen the photos on Facebook, now you have the behind-the-scenes stories! Enjoy.

Kinder Henry W, Malachi K, Cherry N, Christopher H, Fetui T
Year 1 Natalia W, Tom W, Andre C, Mila C
Year 2 Pippa M, John H, Ruby A, Madelyn M
Year 3 Maddison H, Tobi I, Charlie F, Shammah N, Indiana P
Year 4 Thomas E, Junior H, Indigo H, Alek S
Year 5/6 Cooper C, Georgina H, Julian A, Harry F
Captains Bea D, Poppy K
Lexia Awards

Gibson F - Level 5, Daniel Z - Level 13,14, Bea D- Level 1

Minilit Completion Certificates-Level 2: Maddison H, Joseph B, Maxwell W, Charlotte H, Shammah N



We have selected a team to represent the school at the Regional Athletics Carnival to be held next week. Congratulattions to the following children: Gemma M, Ruby P, Annalise F, Isla W, El W, Breanna M, Suma M, Freya B,Elsie O, Georgina H, Millie H, Lilly W, Ruby A, Margreit K, Indiana P, Summer F, Lily W, Harrison S, Mark M, Cooper C, Finlay T, Julian A, Chase, B, Harry F, Levi P, Max G, Jesse C, Danial Z, Luka S, Charlie F, Oliver W, Maxwell W, Deagan C. These children should have recieved a permission note today. There has been an event created on COMPASS for Permission and Payment if you chose to go that way. The Competitor Information Sheet must be returned to school by Monday please.

Good luck to them all and we look forward to hearg of all the success stories.


If you want to check the credentials and find out more, click the link below.



We have been introducing a new Social Emotional Learning program in the school since the beggining of Term 4 last year called ZONES OF REGULATION. Click the links below for an example of the explanations in the program. The whole school participates in fortnightly, explicit instruction of the knowledge and skills needed in regulating their emotions and how to respond to them. From these lessons, children are able to gain the language, confidence and recognigition of their emotions and how they affect their own behaviour and the feelings of others. Charts in the classroom give the cjhildren the opportunity to visualise where their emotions are at and how they they can move within the zones.

Identifying the emotion.



Green Zone



Blue Zone



Yellow Zone



Red Zone




Uniform Pool

With winter approaching we are in need of winter uniforms. If anyone has any uniforms that have been outgrown, please consider donating them to the uniform pool. Donations can be left at the school office.

The uniform pool is open MONDAYS 8.45-9.05am

Help Needed – Athletics Carnival

At the upcoming carnival on Thursday the 10th of June, we will be running the canteen for parents and children to access. Notes for the canteen will come out in coming week, including if you may be able to volunteer to assist in the canteen.

Next meeting:

Monday 19th July at 7pm in the school library. Everyone is welcome to come along to meet other parents and find out what is happening at school. A special invitation to those parents who have never been to a P&F meeting before and have been wondering what it is all about. We’d love to see you there. If you have anything you would like to add to the agenda for discussion, please contact the P&F via email olvparentsandfriends@gmail.com

We would like to wish the following children a Happy Birthday

Kindergarten Kaidence G
Year 1
Year 2 Pippa M, John H
Year 3
Year 4 Max G, Suma M
Year 5/6 Julian A

Congratulations and we hope you had a happy day



You will be able to access the school newsletter here and notifications will come through Schoolzine. Please DO NOT use the old SkoolBag App. It is no longer used for communications of notifications and messages..

Go to this link to download the Schoolzine App:


Check out this link for more info on St Nicholas OOSH.

How to enrol for our OOSH Services: